Even More Than Witches

The skills most recently used in your last role – the ones that are first in people’s minds when they hear of you- may not be the skills sought by your next employer.  Make sure you represent your full set of skills and abilities.


I grew up near Salem Massachusetts. (Yes, the ‘witch trial’ city of Salem.)  During that time, Salem seemed challenged to appear more appealing, welcoming, and friendly, as “The Witch Trials” tended to contradict that ambiance.  Starting in the 1980’s, Salem decided to invest in its underutilized waterfront (and other areas of the city), and emphasize its large, rich role in early American history.   For over the last 20+ years, tourism has boomed.


Salem offers more than witch history  National Park Service Photo (Public Domain)

Salem Offers More Than Witch Trial History
National Park Service Photo (Public Domain)


The Witch Trials were not the only noteworthy happening in Salem’s history.  Before New York City superseded it, Salem was the main trading port to Asia.  Many Revolutionary War events occurred in Salem.  The National Guard was founded there.  Evidence of these events had been available, but they became much more visible, and easier to appreciate, after the town decided to emphasize these other historical aspects in its advertising and renewal.


For individuals, being without a job can seem so all-encompassing, that it can be awkward to separate your personal identity (and personal sense of value) from that employment status.  While you are in transition, are you refreshing your other skills and abilities that may have been under-appreciated?  Make sure that you are able to advertise all of your previous experiences and skills, and not just the one or two skills that may initially pop into people’s minds.  You may be surprised at the warm reception you receive.


Allan Channell is a new ‘Blog to Work’ contributor.  He has experience in software development, project management, and interests in communications, Tai Chi, and humor.


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