Temporary Shelters – Part II Taking Responsibility

By Cynthia Simmons

Temporary Shelters – Part I – covered the emotional process of seeing the need to create a Temporary Shelter. Part II is about taking responsibility for the practical side of things and beginning to put the pieces in place to erect this shelter.

There are two big lessons to be learned: (1) Rely upon yourself, and (2) Rely upon help from others. Know that there will be help from other people, and be prepared to recognize that help when it appears. Test the genuineness of the help the way you test a knot. Pull against it: accept the offer, and see if it holds true.

Those are the how’s. The what’s are more concrete: you need to take an inventory of your resources, build a monthly budget, look at where you can find help, and define yourself as a professional with skills and talents. coffee_shop

You need a dedicated location where you can work. You need the structure of a set schedule, so that your time is measurable. And so that you can be held accountable. You need to connect with others personally and professionally – this is no time to go it alone.

Your timeline horizon needs to be narrowed to this week’s goals. Or today’s goals. Or this month’s goals. But definitely short-term goals that are manageable.

So what do you need to survive and even thrive? What things are unique and special about how you operate most comfortably? Most productively? (This is partially about self-nourishment.)

For me, I need a computer with my favorite software, and access to online resources. I need subscriptions to online tutorials and reference materials. These are at the center of how I operate professionally. I need my e-mail in good working order and my contact lists up-to-date.

I’m sort of high maintenance, because I always have a home office. But anywhere you can focus, plan and make progress works. Maybe your home office is portable and loaded into a briefcase or knapsack.

And I need a process to track my job search progress. For me, I create a folder (sub-directory) for each job that I apply to. That’s where I store my resume rewrite, research, and questions I may have. I name my files carefully, so that I know exactly which resume was sent, and when, and to whom.

Temporary Shelters are about Immediacy. What you can do right now to move forward.

Cynthia Simmons is a publishing and communications professional.
Photo credited to the morgueFile.com
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