Comic Relief

I was surfing through my Twitter feed when I saw a tweet from CareerBuilder that said, “Wish you had a list of the behaviors to avoid during a job interview? Wish granted” and there was a link to an article. Most of the time I don’t click on this kind of tweet because at this point in my job search, plus my own stint as a Job Coach, I figure there aren’t any “job seeker secrets” that I haven’t heard by now.

This time, however, I clicked, and was taken to an article on a website called At first the “behaviors to avoid” were the usual ones that appear on these kinds of lists – appearing disinterested, dressing inappropriately, talking negatively about a previous employer, etc. Then came the good stuff, from a survey of more than 2,000 hiring managers and human resources professionals who were asked to share the most memorable mistake they’d seen a job seeker make.

No one reading this blog would ever actually do anything like what follows, right? This is just a little “job seeker comic relief.” Enjoy.

  • Applicant warned the interviewer that she “took too much valium” and didn’t think her interview was indicative of her personality
  • Applicant acted out a Star Trek role
  • Applicant  answered a phone call for an interview with a competitor
  • Applicant arrived in a jogging suit because he was going running after the interview
  • Applicant asked for a hug
  • Applicant attempted to secretly record the interview
  • Applicant brought personal photo albums
  • Applicant called himself his own personal hero
  • Applicant checked Facebook during the interview
  • Applicant crashed her car into the building
  • Applicant popped out his teeth when discussing dental benefits
  • Applicant kept her iPod headphones on during the interview
  • Applicant set fire to the interviewer’s newspaper while reading it when the interviewer said “Impress me”
  • Applicant said that he questioned his daughter’s paternity
  • Applicant wanted to know the name and phone number of the receptionist because he really liked her

You can read the entire article here.

Kimberly Hanes is a writer with a passionate love for words and ideas and extensive experience in business communications and event planning.

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