Balancing Things Out

I had a great chat with a new contact the other evening.  She is currently in job search, hers started about the same time that I landed my current position but we had plenty in common to talk about.  We particularly discussed one of the effects of job search.  Time, that commodity that is in such short supply for the full time employee, is plentiful.  And yet.


We all have lists of things that need to be done around the house.  Small tasks, large projects.  Some urgent, some nice to complete.  Some have been on the list for ages and some crop up out of nowhere.


public domain image

public domain image

Even if you are quite handy completing just about any household to-do takes money.  A commodity that is in short supply in job search.  If you aren’t quite handy, then these tasks take even more money.


Time and money.  Money and time.  I don’t think that I know anyone, working or searching, who can say with a straight face that they have enough of these commodities.  Especially money.


We  probably spent most of our conversation on this topic.  How even in job search you can fill your days with so much – research, networking, training, volunteering, and so on – that there still isn’t time for those niggling household maintenance chores that are simple and not too costly.  Even though time is mostly your own during job search – unlike when working when it is gobbled in chunks by the work day.


She is worried that if her current state lasts much longer she will have to find the money to complete the tasks so she can put her house on the market.  (I certainly hope not.)  I have mostly the same to-do’s on my list that have been there for the past two years.  The money-time imbalance is a main culprit.


How do you balance things out?


Beth Anne Reed has a background in Customer Relations, Process & Project Management and a deep interest in Written Communications.

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