Back To School

On Friday, which was August 1, a young friend of mine who will be a senior in high school this fall told me that he only had 19 days of summer vacation left. My friend spoke in sadness, sorry to see summer coming to an end. For me it’s a good thing. Even though I’m many years removed from going back to school, I still have a sense of newness, of possibility, of starting something, when summer wanes and it starts to feel like fall.

Partly this is because I don’t fully enjoy the heat of the summer, so I’m happy to get out the cozy sweaters and bundle up a little when the weather gets cooler. I look forward to the foods I associate with autumn, like crisp apples and pumpkin pie. I also celebrate my birthday in early September, which signifies that for better or worse, another year has gone by.

Conventional wisdom in job search says don’t let up during the summer months but I’d be willing to bet that most job seekers do, to one degree or another, deliberately or otherwise. It’s just hard-wired into us by the warmth of the summer sun and the rhythms of the school year.

Still, fall is coming and I invite you to take a “back to school” approach to jump-starting your job search. Review and update your resumé; tweak your LinkedIn profile and reach out to some new contacts; take a good look at your cool-weather interview outfit to make sure it’s ready to go. Get a haircut, polish your shoes, and make sure you’ve got plenty of business cards. Fall will be here soon; the kids will be going back to school. If you’ve enjoyed a bit of a summer break, it’s time to go “back to search.”

Kimberly Hanes is a writer with a passionate love for words and ideas and extensive experience in business communications and event planning.

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