Selling It

The condo unit directly below mine just went on the market for sale, and I’m watching closely to see how fast it sells and what the final sale price is. I don’t know these neighbors very well and I’ve never been in their unit, although I know that their floor plan is identical to mine. When I saw the For Sale sign in their window, I was curious to know not just what their asking price is, but also how the unit looks. So I went to their realtor’s website and pulled up the listing.

In addition to information about location, taxes, schools and asking price, there are 13 pictures. Several things struck me as I clicked through each picture. First, the unit is immaculately clean, so much so that I can see the tracks in the carpet from the vacuum cleaner. The kitchen and bathrooms are gleaming and it looks as though every room has been freshly painted. All good. On the other hand, some of the rooms look dated. The kitchen cabinets are the same ones I had before I remodeled my kitchen and the big front bathroom looks identical to mine, and mine is past its prime and needs to be remodeled.

After looking at the webpage for my neighbors’ home, I checked out a few other condos in the same price range. In particular I was curious to see the pictures. How was each owner “presenting” their home to the buying public? Some, frankly, were a disaster. Not just not updated, but barely cleaned. Others looked like model homes, with every room freshly painted, with updated fixtures and fresh-looking decor.

Every owner who puts their home on the market makes decisions about how to present it to the public. Clearly, not everyone is in a position, financially or timewise,  to completely update their house before selling it. On the other hand, some owners are choosing not to do any preparation at all, showing their homes in all their lived in, cluttered glory and ignoring “conventional wisdom” about how best to market a home.

Do you see any parallels to job search?

Kimberly Hanes is a writer with a passionate love for words and ideas and extensive experience in business communications and event planning.

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