Alternative Avenues to Search

We all know about networking, LinkedIn and job boards as regular methods to seek out a new job.  Plenty of people are making these rounds.  One person at the last networking event that I went to, which I mentioned in a previous post, reminded me of these two alternative avenues to test out.


Twitter is mentioned daily in connection to this or that celebrity which makes most of us see it as a light entertainment directed venue.  But there is more to it, once you start to look into this particular social media format.  Plenty of companies have jumped on this band wagon and some have started to use this as a means to search out new talent.


public domain vintage image of 5th Ave by Karen Arnold

public domain vintage image of 5th Ave by Karen Arnold

Now you don’t have to be out there tweeting away, you just need to set up a profile that sketches out the most pertinent of your skills.  You are ready to start searching for company tweets of job postings.  Oftentimes these jobs haven’t been shared with other mediums yet because the companies are testing social media savvy of candidates.  You can get a jump on the pack by having a presence on and searching this arena.


(It is also a great place to research a company by checking out their Tweet feed.)


Toastmasters is an international group with local clubs that helps people to foster speaking and leadership skills.  Many larger companies have set up corporate clubs which are closed to outsiders, unless you are a Toastmaster.  As a Toastmaster member of your own local club, you can ask to be a guest at any other Toastmaster club.


The benefits of Toastmasters then, are at least two fold – you can work on important job related skills like speaking and leadership as well as get the opportunity to personally get to know Toastmaster members at a company where you would like to work.  How great is that?


You never know how you will get your next job.  My own most unusual method was the time that I went to get a library card and wound up with a circulation desk clerk job too.  I just happened to have been talking about how much I love libraries with the head librarian.  I know people who have leveraged Toastmaster guest visits to turn into contract positions.


Additional avenues to search are a plus.


Beth Anne Reed has a background in Customer Relations, Process & Project Management and a deep interest in Written Communications.

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