Looking for Help in all of the Wrong Places

I’ve recently had to re-learn that wonderful art of using my fore-finger while simultaneously using my thumb to do that on a computer keyboard which is much easier done with a computer mouse. This is the result of having a somewhat skittish or overactive computer mouse, and my either being too cheap to buy a new one, or too lazy to try fixing the current one.


I say that I had to re-learn this art because my first laptop had a small, red ball squeezed in between the “G”, “H”, and “B” keys. Back then, I got to be pretty good using my fingers in conjunction with that ball.


The symptoms I have been experiencing with this computer mouse the past few weeks have ranged from things opening up when I simply “mouse over” them to the left mouse button just not doing anything when I click on it. And then there’s what I go through with it when playing Free Cell and Solitaire.


As a result, I’m getting better acquainted with the “Touchpad”, the “left click button”, and the “right click button” on my current laptop. Maybe now the batteries in my computer mouse (it’s a cordless mouse) just might start lasting a little longer.


My attempts at trying to solve one of these problems has been something like; going to “Mouse Properties” via the control panel, and then trying to change the double-click speed of the mouse in the “buttons” tab. I tried several speeds in that scale; none of them worked.


Finally, I turned to that one hyperlink where I know I can get some help for this kind of thing, Google, typed in what it was I needed help with, and hit the “Enter” key. Voila, a whole slew of hyperlinks to choose from. The first one I clicked on gave me the help I needed. The solution which that webpage directed me to was in “Mouse Properties”, but then it directed me to go into the “Device Settings” tab (and then to disable the tapping feature), and not the “Buttons” tab.


What I needed was right under my nose; I was just looking in the wrong place.


In our job searches, we sometimes look for help in the wrong places. We overlook the obvious, whether it be a person, or place, or piece of information which could turn out to be most helpful. We even search far and wide, when what we need just might be right under our nose.




And sometimes we just spin our wheels, thinking that our answer will magically appear if we just dig a little deeper, instead of seeking outside help.


For those of you who have felt ignored when you have offered your help to someone else, take heart, and try not to be offended. It is not personal. The person you wanted to help just might have had too many things going on. Or he might have received too much information at one time. (See my blog post of June 25, on information overload.) Or he may have been searching far and wide.


In the short time since I applied the fix described above, I have not had anything open up when I simply “mouse over” it. And the mouse works just fine when I play Free Cell and Solitaire.


Now, about that left mouse button… back to Google.




Dave Vandermey is a web developer. 


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