Think Outside the Job Box

Here we are in summer, nearly time for the next networking gathering and I am still working through the ideas and suggested topics from the last one.


Only cats want to be in boxes these days.  Or maybe not, there are probably plenty of people who see the same benefits of being in a box that cats – even wild ones – seem to see in boxes.  People in job transition see plenty of benefit of being safely in a job box.  Work for a stable company, provide value and get paid in return.  Repeat each pay period.  (More on the stability thing in a later post.)


Public domain clip-art

Public domain clip-art

What if companies in your area aren’t hiring, or there is too much competition for your skill set?  A friend suggested we should all be prepared to think outside the job box.  He has done so himself by combining various interests into consulting or freelance gigs and adding in the occasional temporary work to keep his coffers filled.


Or maybe there is an opportunity with a start-up.  The money might be small at the outset, but the potential might be huge.  At the very least you will have an interesting story to tell when you are asked what you have been doing with yourself.


Years ago I was given a contact for antique or unusual furniture sales and consignment.  It was a cool idea, but almost entirely commission and I was newly divorced.  I needed a steady paycheck so passed it up.  Things would be a bit different now, depending on the opportunity.  I’m not much for sales, but I am willing to keep preconceived notions at bay.


The point my friend is making is that we shouldn’t be quick to evaluate an opportunity purely on its similarity to the job box that we know.


Beth Anne Reed has a background in Customer Relations, Process & Project Management and a deep interest in Written Communications.

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