Oh, I Couldn’t Do That

I spent years, off and on, as a stay at home mom.  I had my kids fairly early, so had not established anything remotely like a career – I had some jobs before becoming a mother, some that I liked and some that gave me money.  I believed in staying home and couldn’t understand the women who claimed that they would be bored or unfulfilled if not working.  (But this post isn’t about the so called mommy wars.)


Periodically I thought about the jobs that I could do in the working for pay world.  I read the help wanted ads and compared my skills.  And I talked myself out of every single job.  Oh, I couldn’t do this or that part of the job.


public domain image

public domain image

And then I found myself divorced and responsible for supporting myself and my two boys.  Now the ads looked different to me.  I would do this and I would do that – I could learn this and I could learn that.  And I did.


It wasn’t the ads or the jobs that had changed, but my self-talk.  I knew that I couldn’t walk in hoping that someone would give me a chance.  I had to walk in chugging like the Little Engine that Could – I think I can, I think I can.  I told SARs that showed how I learned this or that in pertinent volunteer experiences.  How I stepped up, how I solved problems.


Worry and fear were boiling in my belly in those moments at the end of the day, by myself.  But I boxed them up during the day and stored them behind the ‘Oh I can certainly do that’ persona in daylight hours.  (Yes, that theater training in college was helpful.)


Do you find yourself saying something like this – oh, I couldn’t do that?  Ask yourself why not.


Beth Anne Reed has a background in Customer Relations, Process & Project Management and a deep interest in Written Communications.

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