Good Advice, Bad Advice

Do you wear a watch? Many people, including me, don’t anymore – all we have to do is look at our cell phones. I bring this up because I heard some job search advice about watches the other day. I was told not to wear one to an interview because watches are now considered old-fashioned. I might be perceived as old or out-of-touch, someone who doesn’t keep up with technology. This was directly counter to other advice I received not too long ago, which was to always wear a watch to an interview, or I might be perceived as someone who isn’t reliable or punctual.

I’ve also heard conflicting advice about the post-interview thank you note. Is e-mail acceptable or is “snail mail” still the way to go? What about my interview outfit? Does it have to be a skirt or are pants acceptable? For men, tie or no tie?

It’s enough to make a job seeker crazy. There are some elements of job search that everyone agrees on, such as “Don’t be late for the interview,” and “Make sure your resumé is error-free.” Other elements, however, are a matter of judgement. There’s no one perfect answer that will apply in every situation.

For the record, I still don’t wear a watch, I use e-mail for thank you notes and I wear a skirt to interviews. Your choices may be different, but that doesn’t mean they’re wrong.

Kimberly Hanes is a writer with a passionate love for words and ideas and extensive experience in business communications and event planning.

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