They Can’t Tell You

You most likely didn’t chose to be in job search, though I read that the numbers of disengaged workers who are actively looking for their next job while still in the current position is on the rise again.  This particular post applies to that category of job seeker just as much as the one who would have been perfectly fine to stay in their last position had it continued to be available.


There is plenty of data flying around and experts to tell us what we should think of all this data.  The number of jobs created, the number of unemployed, the number of folks newly pounding the pavement, the number of people who set up a new LinkedIn account in a given week.  On and on.


But none of this data can describe the new situation where you will feel valued, where you will want to take root and grow.  How far should you consider commuting before your costs will be too great?  (Both financial and emotional – few were meant to spend so much time in their car in traffic…)  What sort of company will offer you a good fit?  Small, medium, large – one location, many – family owned, publically traded.


Do you work better on a team or on your own?  Do you like to do the same thing with little variance or do you prefer greater variety in your tasks?  Do you like a hands on manager or someone who gives you space?  Do you want to see a potential career path or are you just looking for a steady position?


The better that you know the answers to these questions for yourself, the better that I or any other potential new manager will be able to tell if you are the candidate who we want.  A candidate who clearly just wants any job doesn’t capture our interest.  A candidate who can show that they see themselves on our team, at our company really does.


public domain image

public domain image

There are plenty of other defining questions that you can consider – many that relate to your particular job experience/skill set, or to your family situation.  Knowing how you will answer these questions for yourself will show through when you are answering questions in an interview.


Beth Anne Reed has a background in Customer Relations, Process & Project Management and a deep interest in Written Communications.

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