On the Social War Front – Employer Reviews

By Cynthia Simmons

Recently I had a concern about an agency… Something that I was told was “The Plan” suddenly changed.  I felt very disappointed. And while I was feeling disappointed, I considered the whole process I had gone through and my relationship with them. These days, reputations and expectations are built up very quickly. And may also disappear quickly. When I first decided to sign up with them, I went to Google and found worker reviews on Yelp. The reviews were very positive, even glowing, for my area of the country. I looked at the agency website and I liked what I saw.

But recently, as part of my re-evaluation, I decided to go to the website GlassDoor.com to check the employer reviews. What I saw was interesting. The agency was rated highly by the reviewers (current or past employees) when averaged out.  But I did note that most of the positive reviews came from current employees.

Expedia - screen shot (05-05-2014) crop

That caused me to write this blog post, because I asked myself whether the data  was skewed. Was this a covert PR campaign, and had the agency seen a few bad reviews and decided to raise the overall ratings by having current staff post very positive reviews? Probably.

In the past, I had trusted the Glass Door website because when I was employed by another company I had read those company reviews, and they seemed very truthful. They mirrored what I had seen of that particular corporate culture and events over the ten years while I was employed there. But now, I read the employer reviews asking more questions and looking for patterns.

Anonymous - Employee Reviews (05-05-2014)

The Glass Door website has three other sections: job listings, salaries, and comments on the interview process. I still highly recommend this website overall.


Cynthia Simmons has a background in publishing and publications.

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