Can We Trade?

Every single one of us has a tool kit of skills.  Let me just say that first part again for emphasis – every single person.  It is sometimes entirely too easy to forget that our skills are valuable, to forget some of the skills that each of us has as we go through everyday life.  Job search helps people to actively think about all the skills that they have accumulated.  It is a good time to take out each skill from that tool kit and polish it up.


Job seeking is a lonely task, a singular experience that each person does in their own way.  Finding a group of people who are in transition at the same time can be hugely beneficial.  Now the task is still uniquely individual, but there is information sharing and support.  Plus the chance to create something stronger through a trading of skills.


photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

There is so much that fellow job seekers can offer each other – understanding of the difficulties faced every day, information, contacts, and skills.  You can help me to refresh my skills in pivot tables while I can help you to update your resume for one example.  I can introduce you to a person that I might know while you can do the same for me as another example.


The possibilities for trades are endless.  And each trade reinforces skills, knowledge, team work, and creates a shared purpose where there was a lonely haul.


A favorite interview question is often some version of what have you been doing recently, while not working; how great would it be to pull out a host of SARs about using your skills to help others meet their job search goals?  Win-win as the buzz speak goes.


Beth Anne Reed has a background in Customer Relations, Process & Project Management and a deep interest in Written Communications.

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