Informational Interviews and Job Search

Every job search is a highly personal experience.  One unifying aspect is the opportunity to learn, and there is plenty to learn about while seeking gainful employment.  Where-o-where to start?  Deciding on your main direction is a good broad stroke start.


Is there plenty of opportunity in your industry and within your job title?  Does this area still have meaning for you?


One of the methods that you can use to explore new companies in your same industry or possible new industries is the informational interview.  We’ve all heard plenty about the job interview – an important step to an actual, potential job but informational interviews aren’t as well known.  Yet they can be very useful.


Think it would be great to work for a particular company?  Well, maybe someone you know can put you in touch with someone who currently works there who would be willing to answer questions that you have about the company.


Think that you might be able to transition to a new job title?  What better way to find out more about the requirements than to have an informational interview with someone who already holds the title?


The main difference between a job interview and an informational interview is that you are not going to talk about a specific job, or even ask for a job – you are gathering information to help you to clarify your plan for your main direction.   You are also getting the potential to become known or better known to the person that you are interviewing and also by the company.


For this type of interview you don’t need to know the answers, but to craft useful questions.


Beth Anne Reed has a background in Customer Relations, Process & Project Management and a deep interest in Written Communications.

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