What Size are You?

When we are shopping for clothes or shoes, we need to pick the right size.  When we are investing, we need to understand that there are different advantages and challenges to the size of the company in which we are investing – small cap, mid cap or large cap.  The large companies are the ones that we have all heard of regularly.  Medium and small companies might be completely unknown to us.

Getting the right size requires measurement.  (Public domain image)

Getting the right size requires measurement. (Public domain image)


When we are looking for a job, we also need to ask this question about size.  Similar to investing, there are differences – potential advantages or disadvantages – based on company size.


When I started blogging, I realized that I would need to be constantly on the lookout for good topics.  Getting in the right mindset meant that almost anything could be seen as fodder for a blog post.  Similarly, a job seeker should be always looking for the right job opportunity – there are so many companies.


I’m sure that you have already come across the advice that a job seeker should develop a list of target companies.  Many people populate their target list with those well-known large companies, with perhaps a few medium sized local favorites.  If you are in the mindset that your opportunity might come in any size, then you might add a few small company gems to that list.


This idea, as almost everything in job search does, comes down to understanding yourself and your own needs.  The size and shape of your skills and temperament, your goals, will help to determine whether you are better suited to a certain size of company.


With a broader view or an alternate angle on things, perhaps you might consider widening your size choice for your target list of companies.


Beth Anne Reed has a background in Customer Relations, Process & Project Management and a deep interest in Written Communications.

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