That Little Job Search Push

(Writer’s note: I decided to try something a bit different this week and this is an alternate version to a post on my own blog – which can be read here: – That Little Push)


The sun rises, and even on a cloudy day, the world around us starts to wake up – circadian rhythm kicks in.  External and internal prompts work together to give us a little push to start our day.  Routine, or the schedule for that particular day take over to encourage our next moves.  Is the pull of that day’s activities enough for me to push myself forward into it?

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Probably very few of us found our internal drive worked consistently in our growing years.  Little and big pushes to do this or that had to come from external sources – mom, dad, teacher, coach.  The object was to teach us to develop our own internal drive, to push ourselves to do the things we needed to do so that we could achieve the things that we wanted to achieve.  Oh, we needed no push on certain days, for something exciting – up, fed, dressed and maybe even got a few things ready for mom and dad.


Once we launch into our ‘real’ lives, our adult post-school experiences, that’s when we find out how well we internalized the push – our ability to create and implement a daily schedule.  Some people manage to find an internal/external push balance that works quite well.  Job expectations become a strong external push; until suddenly the job isn’t there to provide this push.


Now the push is all internal to get set up with a new job to provide that needed external push.  Do we have it in us to apply the push regularly?  Oh, friends and family think that they are helping when they ask those questions, that they are providing a bit of a motivational push.  And truly, sometimes the wish to stop their version of a push is enough to galvanize us to create the internal drive and get that next job.


There are two main methods for pushing – the carrot or the stick.  Do you offer yourself some small treat to get things moving along, or do you find that fear of the consequences for not pushing are more of a motivation?  So many variations abound, it is possible to find a method that best works for you.


Imagine what we can each do today, with a little push.


Beth Anne Reed has a background in Customer Relations, Process & Project Management and a deep interest in Written Communications.

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