What are You Doing Right?

Because our ancestors won the right to continue the human race by being anxious and pessimistic, we have these traits in spades.  I’m not going to go so far as to say that we don’t ever need to believe these negative leanings, but everything has a place.  Job search is an anxious time, there is no doubt, but we should not forego feelings on the positive side of the spectrum.


Today let’s conjure up some of these positive vibes, shall we?  Let’s each make a list of the things that we are doing right as we go about our day.  First, if you got out of bed, pulled yourself together and started your day that is a basic plus right there.  Some days we need to remind ourselves that the basic good stuff is still good stuff.  (The sun is shining, the dog is glad to see us, our favorite show is on…)


Getting a little harder, if you set yourself a goal – no matter how small – and you met it (or you will after reading this post) then that is in the right column.  Help a friend, proofread your resume or cover letter, set up a new search on Indeed, research a class that you’ve been thinking about taking; any of these could be considered a good thing that you could do for yourself.


If you recently got the dreaded thanks no thanks letter and you didn’t focus immediately upon what you think that you did wrong in the process, but instead started to work through what went right and how you can replicate it – you have the idea that I’m promoting here.  Things go right and things go wrong throughout each day.  Sometimes we can do them better the next time, and sometimes we have little control over the event.  We can choose to focus on the parts that we can affect, or fixate on the parts that we cannot.


Thanks for joining me in my personal pep talk.


Beth Anne Reed has a background in Customer Relations, Process & Project Management and a deep interest in Written Communications.

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