One Month Until Spring

By Cynthia Simmons

I hear the wind blowing tonight. The weather is in turmoil, with a thaw following weeks of extreme cold and too much snow to think about. Tomorrow, the thaw will freeze and then we’ll have more cold weather. Tonight was even stranger: at 5 p.m. rush hour there was fog blinding drivers and some flooding on roads. But now, at nearly 9 p.m. a sharp wind has sheared away the fog. The air is very clear and heartless.

We are one month away from spring, after a long, difficult Illinois winter. Some of us had forgotten true winter, with the last three years of a more gentle season than usual.

I’d like to stay inside and wait this winter out. But, no, that’s not for me. I need to be gainfully employed. How is that going to happen?
IciclesToday, during the thaw, I drove over to another town to attend a workshop entitled, “Improve Your Interaction Skills.” The job coach was very competent; he explained different types of listening, how to start conversations and find common ground. He made much sound simple. I appreciated that. Job search is scary in a bad economy. Job search is scary generally, unless you have nothing to lose.

We role played and examined attitudes and communication styles. We held up mental mirrors for ourselves, to see where we need improvement. We were taught “failure is your friend” — that failure is the point in the process where things stop working. If we find the failure point, we can fix the process. We were told to seek and accept feedback, to be ready for our responses of surprise, annoyance, resistance, and then afterward, acceptance—the tools to hold these difficult stones in our hands and to gently turn them over and over, considering, accepting, integrating and changing ourselves.

I am grateful for today’s gifts.

Cynthia Simmons has a background in publishing and publications.

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