Being Productive

When my boys were growing I started to say ‘Make it a good day’ to them on their way out the door to school every day.  I wanted them to be aware of the choice that they make every day; how to respond to the things that happen to you as the day progresses.  They understood what I was saying, but feeling that you have to power to affect the quality of your day is not easily done.


I’ve progressed from this idea to make a good day, (while still often falling short of following my own admonition) and now like to ask how the day was productive when talking to either one of them.  When we are working, our productivity is measured by whatever means our employer chooses – output, meeting deadlines, sales dollar goals met, etc.  How does a person measure productivity in job search?


photo credit: National Archives

photo credit: National Archives

I found that there are several ways, some to do with learning and many to do with creating a daily structure.  So much of the advice and information to be found by the job seeker is quite subjective in nature so learning is not just in getting more information but also in creating one’s own method to evaluate the information’s value to a personal search.


So have you defined productivity for yourself?  How much time should you spend on networking, updating your resume, researching potential target companies, or keeping your skills sharp?


Part of the definition of productivity revolves around results.  Results are often hard to gauge in job search because they could be indirect or show up in days, weeks or months after the activity.  The result might not be concrete, but no less important such as giving you a stronger sense of confidence.


My time on this post was productive if it got you to think about your own definition of productivity.


Beth Anne Reed has a background in Customer Relations, Process & Project Management and a deep interest in Written Communications.

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