Wardrobe Malfunctions and Other Hazards

Sometimes a little comic relief is important for our sanity and life likes to provide opportunities so that we won’t take ourselves too seriously.  With these thoughts rolling around in my head, I offer the following true events in hopes of lightening your next few moments.

Reliable cars are sometimes hard to come by, and when a car decides to be unreliable it often has impeccable timing.  Years ago when I was dressed for an interview – back in my days of pencil skirts and heels – my car rejected the idea of moving from its current spot with only a few minutes to spare before my interview.  There was nothing for it but for me to walk.  Unfortunately there were areas with no sidewalks, so by the time I reached the place for the interview, my feet and shoes were covered in mud pretty much up to my ankles.  I introduced myself to the receptionist and asked where I could find the ladies room.  Where I figured out how to wiggle out of my hose, get my feet in the sink and used paper towels to dry everything off as well as I could.  I don’t remember the interview, I didn’t get the job.  But I was on time.

public domain image

public domain image

This time a truck is featured with another pencil skirt and heels – and people wonder why I don’t wear dresses or skirts much anymore.  I had no difficulty getting to the interview and looking presentable, no my trouble began after the interview when I realized pre-interview jitters had caused me to lock my keys in the truck.  Luckily the truck had one of those little sliding windows which would pop open if you hit it just so.  I carefully sat on the back of the bed, stood up in the bed, navigated the bed in my slim skirt and heels, crouched down and popped open the window, shimmied the top half of my body into the cab, grabbed the keys, walked back to the end of the bed, and carefully got down.  And was soundly applauded by the small group of young men who had gathered to watch my show.  I bowed and drove off before my face could turn too red.

Maybe some people are too smooth to have any such stories to tell.  But I doubt that there are many.  We must remember that the people we are interviewing with are human too, and may be interested in how we deal with these little malfunctions.

Beth Anne Reed has a background in Customer Relations, Process & Project Management and a deep interest in Written Communications.

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