Keep Your Chin Up

By Tim Klepaczyk


Inevitably, even the most determined job seeker must deal with setbacks.  No one ever promised that the job search would be easy.  You may even find the job search to be as difficult a job as you’ve ever had.

Public Domain Image

Public Domain Image

If you’re confronted with a challenging situation, such as failure to secure an opportunity for which you had high hopes, remember that on average you need to talk to 25 hiring managers before landing.  I repeat – on average you’ll talk to 25 hiring managers before landing.  If you’ve had only a handful of interviews so far you should not be surprised that the opportunity failed to pan out.  If you’ve had more than 25 interviews that should not surprise you, either; unfortunately, some get that many to bring the average up.  Stay the course!  It’s much more likely you’re running a marathon than a sprint, especially if it’s a buyer’s market for employers.

Reflect on what you learned.  Did you feel pretty good overall?  You must have been selling yourself well.  What worked for this opportunity, and how can you duplicate the good parts of your effort in your next interview?  Did any of the interview questions surprise you?  Take notes and record a prepared answer for similar questions in the future.  In my experience one gets better at interviewing as one gets more of them.  Send another round of thank-you’s, and don’t be afraid to ask for how you came up short and what you can learn to do better next time for a similar position.

Finally, reward yourself in some small way for the endeavor, and count your blessings.  Remember to keep the big picture in focus.  Keep your chin up and your feet moving forward.

Tim Klepaczyk is an RF & microwave engineer with over 20 years of experience in applications & sales and product design & validation.  He also loves writing.

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