Skills – Everyday and Job Search

In the theater we talked a lot about being a triple threat – act, dance, sing – and how to wow in the audition.  We talked about people who came through in the audition and couldn’t perform in the role.  Of course, for me this was all in college and amateur theater because I moved away from that life before taking my bow into the real, adult world.

But I learned certain things that have come in handy.  We talked a lot about how to handle rejection because for professional theater people, auditions are a regular occurrence that people in business can equate to an interview which they expect to be infrequently necessary in comparison.  Business people are advised to keep their interview skills honed, but skills rarely needed can get rusty.


Too, just like the actors who can wow in the audition and blow the role once achieved because there are differences in requirements between getting and keeping the role; hiring managers may not understand that someone with marginal interview skills might actually be a great fit for their open position.

As the interviewee, you can’t control what the hiring manager perceives, but you can understand and assess your own skills – the everyday ones that you need to do the job you are seeking as well as the ones that you will need to develop to gain that position.  Sometimes these skills dovetail nicely and sometimes they are quite dissimilar.  But that shouldn’t be used as an excuse not to understand them and make sure that you highlight yours to their best advantage.

Imagine being able to show everyone at your target company that you want this job, are so well suited for this job, that you honed skills that you barely knew you had to be great in the interview process.  At the same time that you find ways to expound upon the skills for your chosen craft.  What a double threat you can be – skilled in the ways of the interview and ready to get performing on the job.

Beth Anne Reed has a background in Customer Relations, Process & Project Management and a deep interest in Written Communications.

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