All I want for Christmas is a ‘Good’ Job

The unemployment numbers are coming down and a collective sigh of relief can be heard across the nation.  We can easily forget that these numbers represent people, lives, families in our pre-Christmas hustle and bustle.  Each individual number represents a very personal story.  Once a person has been counted in those numbers the sound bite offering up the latest iteration of this number will forever have a different ring to it.


The overall size of the number, the volume of people behind it mean nothing if you are on the wrong side of the figure.  One is too many if you are that one.  And being on the other side of the figure means a job, but is it just any job to pay down your bills or is it The job for you, a ‘good’ job?


People like to use the phrase ‘good jobs’ – particularly during election season.  It sounds good, don’t you think?  But what does it really mean when you get right down to it?  Some parts of the meaning can probably be generally agreed upon, but other details most likely vary widely based on the person answering the question.


Decent pay is a part of the definition that all would include.  But dig deeper and what is decent pay?  What one person thinks is an embarrassment of riches would mean subsistence to another.  Perhaps it is based on your skill set, the region where you live, the scarcity or abundance of people who can fill the necessary position?


Feeling valued – providing value to your team and employer is part of the definition of a good job, too.  Each worker should have some sense of accomplishment, that their effort meant something in the overall scheme.  I’ve written on my personal blog about the dignity of having a vocation, regardless of the tasks which are performed within the scope of your particular job.  This has nothing to do with cache or the latest ‘it’ professions.  It has everything to do with pride in a job well done.


Knowing what your personal definition of a ‘good’ job entails will hopefully help you to fulfill the wish in the title.  This is my hope for every person who represents a tick inside that unemployment percentage mentioned so briefly but regularly in the news.


Beth Anne Reed has a background in Customer Relations, Process & Project Management and a deep interest in Written Communications.

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