Working with Recruiters

By Tim Klepaczyk


Up to now I’ve talked a lot about networking.  Networking should be the top priority of your job search effort, requiring a majority of your time in one form or another – in-person networking being most important, but time spent on LinkedIn also factoring in to the equation.  However, tried-and-true old methods such as submitting applications directly or working with recruiters should also always be part of your effort.  It’s worthwhile to consider how to take advantage of services provided by recruiters.

First, recognize that recruiters work for the companies and not for you.  Most recruiters are friendly and certainly like to see job seekers do well – it’s a sign of a good job market upon which their livelihood depends – but ultimately their efforts on your behalf depend on how well you match the requirements of the position they are trying to fill.  They receive compensation from the company, so if you find a recruiter impatient because your qualifications aren’t a really great match with the job description, don’t take it personally.

Be respectful - call them Recruiters! Public Domain Image

Be respectful – call them Recruiters!
Public Domain Image

Recruiters are usually well aware of the salary you can demand for a position.  You still need to do your own homework regarding this, but in my experience recruiters are generally on your side in such negotiations.  This makes sense since if most recruiters only filled open positions without regard to just compensation people would stop using them.

Finally, most people are aware that the common vernacular for recruiters is to call them “headhunters”.  Most recruiters don’t mind this, but I still recommend using the more respectful term “recruiter” in direct correspondence with them.  Such consideration may make a good impression.  They may be working more for the company than for you, but they’re more likely to work harder in a mutually respectful environment.

Tim Klepaczyk is an RF & microwave engineer with over 20 years of experience in applications & sales and product design & validation.  He also loves writing.

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