These Dastardly Deadlines

I haven’t posted to this blog in a couple of weeks, my apologies.  The Thanksgiving holiday was wonderful, but created a very full week for me.  And filled my head with thoughts of food and family, not job search writings.  Then I intended to write this post last week but had some serious technical difficulties with Microsoft.  (I prefer to compose in MS Word.)  Which makes my topic so much more apropos since I have a personally (and group) imposed deadline to write one post per week.


How do you feel about deadlines?  When they are someone else’s and you will benefit, I imagine that you like them just fine.  Think of release dates for new gadgets or gaming systems like what recently passed – I believe that it was Xbox and PlayStation that brought out new systems.  Or how about when that deadline involves money that is owed to you?  That party better meet that date on the dot, darn tootin’.


Now what if the deadline is yours to complete?  Remember that deadlines are a daily occurrence in the working world.  It is funny how quickly this can be casually left behind.  And deadlines are one of the aspects of work which will be hardest to re-acclimate to, I must remind us all.  (Along with office politics.)


Oh, there are deadlines in job search, but many are self-imposed and wiggle room gets created.  Dangerous, that wiggle room.


Yes, there are dependencies and unforeseen circumstances can crop up.  But won’t many of these sound like excuses to a boss?  Shouldn’t a person consider potential pitfalls when setting the deadline, or agreeing to it?  How did you handle deadlines in your last position?  I would imagine that negotiations for an appropriate deadline went better when done at the outset, not as the deadline nears.  Or has passed.  The same holds true now, when accountable mainly to one’s self.


Back to my first question, how do you feel about deadlines?


Beth Anne Reed has a background in Customer Relations, Process & Project Management and a deep interest in Written Communications.

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  1. Good reminders and very apropos for this time of year.

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