Digression: Some Things Are Worth The Wait


By Cynthia Simmons

I spent some time on Twitter this week, following 150 people. I could have added another 400 from a really good professional group, but I stopped myself. Then I sat and read tweets to find out what other people wanted to share. Some tweets linked to articles or photos; others were self-contained, pithy remarks. There was so much that was sooo interesting that I wanted to follow and learn more about. But too much of anything is tiring.

What did I want to share? A short video of picking cherries last June. Just me and one other person, on (what is so rare as) a day in June. A day of light and color, of sweetness and abundance. Filled with a tree full of ripe cherries.

What did that day mean to me?  It was a point of clarity and converging intentions. It was my own unique experience, when I was fully present because I had been waiting for weeks for the best day to pick cherries. To make cherry jam.  I had been giving that tree my particular attention,  watching the weather, visiting the tree, picking the cherries to test their sweetness. Asking myself whether they had reached full ripeness.

I think that the internet may have become like our overly abundant supermarkets, offering any fruit and flavor you wish for, in season and out… Everything is always in season. That’s the dark side of the internet, there is no waiting. Nothing is out of season. So nothing may have its own season to be “in.”

Remember, some things are worth the wait.

Cynthia Simmons is a writer and an editor.

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