George Clooney, Rules to Living

By Deb Bryan

The December’s Esquire Magazine (2013) had an insightful interview of George Clooney by writer Tom Junod entitled, Rules to Living.  George Clooney is a very successful actor who’s latest filmed with Sandra Bullock just grossed $251.5 million.  This film has got to be some kind of an anomaly for it has two actors, over 50, with lots of history in an industry known for chewing younger people up and spitting them back out like tobacco chaw.  I read Esquire article thoroughly looking for the secret to George Clooney’s enduring success.

You’ve Got to Love Him: George works at making people not just like him but love him.  Of course he has fame, good looks, and has probably been through a myriad of charm schools but still, he really wants you to love him.  If he cannot get it from reputation he will win you over with the extensive preparation he goes to in order to make you happy.  George is very competitive.  He approaches his career like an athlete; he is going for the gold.  Translation?   He does not give up easily.

Do the Right Thing: George works at doing the right thing.  His father, Nick Clooney, taught George the lesson and made sure his son learned it well.  The lesson taught him it isn’t all about him, for people will be blessed or cursed by what he does.  So the fight to do right is not only for himself but for the other guy as well.

Consider the Consequences:  Before he takes an action he thinks about the outcome.  He has kept one person who will speak truth into his life; his father.  What is another piece of sage advice Nick Clooney gave his son?  Speak your mind but be prepared for others to disagree, misunderstand, and loudly find fault.  Adults know that is just how life works.

Success May not be Forever:  George takes success as gift he has only for today.  He has worked long and hard but it could easily be taken away in a nod.  He is grateful today for what he has and he surrounds himself with people who are hardworking AND appreciative as well.

Communicate:  George stays in touch.  He communicates through email but when he wants to be personal, he writes notes and has them delivered to the person.   He takes the time to mull over what he wants to say.  After all, a couple of wrong thoughts and relationships, along with a career, could be over.

George Clooney  from the Internet

George Clooney from the Internet

Take Risks:  George does not just imitate others success he makes it his own.  He works hard at his craft, takes care of those around him, admires others accomplishments but his risks are tailored made and he is all on his own.

Shouldn’t these rules be applied to the job search as well?  Just imagine the benefits of these rules for life.

Deb Bryan has 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry.  She has a passion for writing and Toastmasters International.

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