Jay Cutler: Playing Injured and Playing Through

By Deb Bryan

The Tribune article on Bears quarterback, Jay Cutler (David Haugh, Nov 6), reminded me very much of the job search challenge. I love watching the game of football. Not so much because I understand the game but I love watching the strategy, the intensity, and the passion the players demonstrate. The players jumping around in the end zone is kind of embarrassing but I secretly agree with them. I am mean a player goes through the equivalent of 11 Mack Trucks trying to knock him down to get to a touchdown, for Pete Sake!

Then there are the players like Jay Cutler playing hurt. Unknown to Jay, he came into the game of football with Type I Diabetes and currently is

Jay Culter, Internet

Jay Culter, Internet

attempting to make a came back from a groin injury. What Jay has going for him is he is young (30), strong (6’3 and 215lbs.) and for now watches from the sidelines as someone else plays his position. But even more so, Jay has a network of people speaking into his life, 15 years of learned discipline, and a strategy for his return.

What you and I need is to either land a job or create one for ourselves but we should not go it alone. Age, education, or God given talents are good starts but we need a hand-picked team of people as support. People who see us. People with whom we can strategize, a team of people who know the routine, can sound the alert of obstacles ahead, and will be willing to weather this storm with us. And one more thing, Quarterback Cutler is still in the game giving back through the Bears backup quarterback, Josh McCown. Cutler is part of McCown’s network whether teaching through wisdom bought by personal experience or just by being a presence at the games. Maybe, just maybe, there is someone in our lives who would benefit from our being part of their support.

Can Jay Cutler really return? The coaches aren’t saying. But Jay is preparing for it to happen by focusing on recovery, being at the field, and by using the mental talents he has acquired to support McCown. This guy has my respect, and in my opinion, has reached a point of success right where he stands.


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