A Fun Side to Job Search

By Tim Klepaczyk

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There are some aspects of the job search that I’ve actually found fun.  Two have been completing and reviewing the results of Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator and Strengths Finder surveys.  There was even a third one I remember from years back called Me2, but a quick internet search failed to turn anything up for it.  If Me2 is still around, it would appear to lack the cache of MBTI and Strengths Finder.

Public Domain Image

Public Domain Image

I think the insights provided by these famous surveys are really interesting, and both were pretty accurate assessments of me.  There are many good books on Meyers-Briggs.  I first took the Meyers-Briggs survey about 20 years ago, but its roots go back much further.  Meyers and Briggs developed their research on foundations established by Carl Jung, one of the giants of psychology in the early- and mid-1900s.  Of further interest, if you read more about MBTI, are the four “temperaments”.  That’s where it really nailed me as an NT (iNtuitive-Thinker), also known as the “intellectual temperament”.

Public Domain Image

Public Domain Image

Strengths Finder is similarly fun.  My strengths are Input, Intellection, Learning, Ideation, and Analysis.  I’ve long described myself as an “information hound”; the first four certainly confirm that.  Unlike MBTI, which has a much smaller subset of core concepts, there are actually over 30 strengths.  Since my “economy version” Strengths Finder survey identified only my top five strengths, it was interesting to speculate what other strengths are near the top for me (I think Strategy and Communication).  I also think additional insight can be gained by understanding one’s weaknesses, but I’ve yet to read any evaluation of that information.

If you’re not familiar with these surveys material for both are available on-line.  While nothing can ever magically provide your most ideal calling, they are very insightful toward identifying work that is more rewarding and satisfying.

Have some fun learning about your personality type and strengths!

Tim Klepaczyk is an RF & microwave engineer with over 20 years of experience in applications & sales and product design & validation.  He also loves writing.

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3 responses

  1. I also like this part of a job search. However, I find that I get too hung up on my personality and not on getting the job. This does not go over well with the wife…

    1. Indeed, Greg. Plus, MBTI and Strengths Finder are no panaceas. Happiness comes from within. If one is not happy, it’s ultimately not about one’s job. MBTI and Strengths Finder can help you find more satisfying and rewarding work but won’t make a sad person happy.

      1. True, I once had a nurse demonstrate how frustrated she was with her job. It left a very sour taste in my mouth and her specialty was working with newborns. Now I don’t pretend to know everything about her job but I can imagine that working with newborns is pretty cushy when you examine the nursing profession.

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