Help Yourself by Helping Others

Sharing is caring – a little kindergarten rhyme – is something that we used to like to tell each other with a smile in my old office.  Usually as you asked someone else to do all or part of your own tasks.  Or to take on a project that you just couldn’t fit in.  Or when a virus made its way around the team.  (A people virus that is, not a computer one.)


It is true that sharing is helpful in so many real ways.  Reaching out and sharing is a great way to help yourself, even.  The best way to be aware, and therefore grateful, for your own abilities in job search is to share what you have learned with others.


I was recently reminded once again that what I have been able to pick up in job search is helpful to others.  I actually know quite a few people who are searching, many outside my official job search groups for one reason or another.  It is amazing to me that in just a few brief moments of my time I can pass on little hints and tips that I have picked up here and there and it gives them new directions or thoughts.


We can get stuck in our own muck sometimes and offering help to someone else can be the simplest, fastest way to pop us right out.  It can be as simple as spreading the word about an upcoming job fair or resume review.  How about a free class to brush up on some skills?  Or if you have more updated skills than some of your compatriots, offer a bit of tutoring.


I have a habit of assuming that I am the last to know things, but I am often amazed when I ask if someone knows this or that and thanks me for sharing.  I bet you can find the same, if you talk to fellow job seekers.  Sharing really is caring – please share some of your knowledge and skills in this month of gratitude and beyond.


Beth Anne Reed has a background in Customer Relations, Process & Project Management and a deep interest in Written Communications.

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