Our Month for Gratitude

As I get older, I love Thanksgiving more and more; particularly as it gets less and less attention.  I know that there are some in job search that may feel that there is little in this state which engenders gratitude, but I believe that there is always a place for gratitude.  Sometimes we have to make an effort to create that space.  Indeed, there is research aplenty that informs us that those who feel grateful are often less stressed and healthier.


The things that we choose to focus on loom large, if we can make an effort all month to create a grateful thought at least once a day then we will have each done something powerful.  Some days we may have to dig very deep, or scrape together tiny slivers to produce something, but the effort will be worthwhile.


Please join me and start today, the first day of November.  We can build up our gratitude muscles together and by the time that Thanksgiving actually comes along, we each could have something way more significant that an extravagant meal and too much football.  (Not that I like football, I’m more about the parades.)  I will start by being grateful that I participate in this great group who writes our blog and that we have readers who take time from their day to read what we write.


I plan to stick with this theme all month and would love to hear from everyone who joins me.  Thanksgiving seems to have gotten lost in the crush between Halloween and Christmas.  Let’s take this month to plan out a truly joyous holiday that will express our thanks, shall we?


Beth Anne Reed has a background in Customer Relations, Process & Project Management and a deep interest in Written Communications.

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