The ‘You Shoulds’ and ‘You Oughttas’

Back during ‘normal’ life, as in those working days, it was a regular occurrence to have someone tell us that we should this or we oughtta that.  (Especially when it comes to things like insurance and eating habits)  These interruptions merited a ‘mm-hmm, thanks’ and we went on with our day.  We knew what we were doing.

Fast forward into these job search days and how do we react to all of the you shoulds and you oughttas that are thrown in our paths nearly daily?  They stop us up short, freeze us in place – oh, dear and oh, my should I really; ought I do this?  How did we suddenly become people so easily swayed, made nervous by a mere suggestion?


Job search makes us question so much that we thought was already decided – our career path, our financial options – that we question our ability to filter suggestions from others as well.  Do I still know how to make a sound decision; we seem to ask ourselves over and over in an echo.

Being thrown into job search naturally rattled our sense of the world, our certainty – our understanding of how things are supposed to work.  But all it took away from us was our previous money earning opportunity – not a single ability.  Not the methods that we use to determine a good idea from a bad or so-so one.  Not all of our experience – the depth and richness of all the big and little things that we know.

Yes, we should listen for glimmers of truth, for information that will be helpful to our specific situation.  And thank the person offering these tidbits of their own hard-won knowledge.  (Or their sister-in-law’s friend’s second cousin’s…)  But just as we know to keep the question ‘what’s in it for me’ in mind with a slick sales pitch, we should keep a similar question in mind when bombarded by the you shoulds and you oughttas that come at us in this job search territory.

We here at Blog to Work are not trafficking in the shoulds and oughttas – that isn’t our intent.  We are finding our way, each in our own way, through this job search territory and hoping to cross back into employed territory.  And, of course, hoping that our writings will prompt solutions for the bloggers and readers.

Beth Anne Reed has a background in Customer Relations, Process & Project Management and a deep interest in Written Communications.

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