Seeking Joy, Finding Comfort: A Lexicon for Job Searchers

By Cynthia Simmons

This blog post is a bit obscure and esoteric; some people may not find this post valuable, but here is another take on the Job Search Process.

Joy is a special word. It’s used on holiday cards and in sacred writings. Bliss, I think, is similar to joy. They both have to do with completion and a bright sense of rightness about something greater than ourselves.

Comfort is not heavenly, and can be here everyday.  Comfort can be planned for.  Joy perhaps arrives from somewhere else, from wherever it is found or it originates. Joy can be sought, but comfort can be arranged.

Comfort can be the soft ground that you prepare for the hard landings of rejections after hope’s soaring flight. It can be the safety net of family, friends, and familiar daily habits that you have adopted for self-nourishment.

While you’re job searching there are many tasks to do each day. I won’t say “complete each day” because many of the tasks continue indefinitely: a resume is sent but a response is awaited, and so on. A letter is sent, a contact is made, a conversation is started… Tasks continue until one of them is finally the answer, the new job.

Each task is an expression of hope, of your intent to go where you want to go. Hope and intent are more words in the job searcher’s lexicon. (Lexicon: the language used in a particular field or effort.)

Job searching can be spiritual. You may be reaching out, blindly, to find something. Or, perhaps you are more fortunate, and you know exactly where you want to go. But still, I would argue, Job Searching is spiritual because you must allow chance, uncertainty, or fate to determine the outcome. You may need to accept a new lesson to be learned. In the trying, you will find out what that lesson is.

And you will finally succeed. Carpe diem.


Cynthia Simmons is a writer and editor, with certificates in editing from UChicago and UCSD.

© 2013 Blog to Work/Blogging your way to a job, All rights reserved


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