A Good Day

Happy stuff happens on a good day.  We smile and laugh on a good day.  Things go our way on a good day.  Good days don’t happen in job search until you get a job and then you aren’t in job search so good days don’t happen in job search.

I have to stop that thinking right there.  That is self-defeating, beat yourself up thinking – the last sentence of the first paragraph.  Hmm, I have a bit of a disagreement with the 3rd sentence up there too, come to think of it.  If you follow that thought process back to the beginning of the day, it means that a day starting with some minor hiccups will be written off as a not-good day before it really gets going.

I am not a morning person as in chipper and full of energy from the get-go.  I like to ease into the day and warm up my engine slowly, build momentum and then start charging.  But work days don’t go like that in anyplace I’ve ever been.  So I reach back into my theater days and put on my happy/friendly persona to start the day – Good morning’s all around with a smile.   And I used to have to grit my teeth when encountering a certain person who would invariably respond, ‘what’s good about it?’.  Sheesh.  I finally developed a response that was appropriate to my happy/friendly persona – ‘it’s early and there’s always opportunity’ in the most upbeat, singsong-y manner I could muster.  And float off to find someone who will smile back.

My happy/friendly persona came in handy during job search too.  She knew that it actually takes very little to create a good day.  A bit of sun is a good day.  A smile at a stranger is a good day.  Flowers and green growing things make a good day.  Contact with a friend is a good day.  (I’ll stop, I think you get the point.)


Job search has plenty of yuck, yuck, nasty yuck.  Slogging through it and getting out the other side to be able to notice a beautiful sunset makes it a good day.

I know plenty of you are skeptical – listen, my natural tendencies are more melancholic so I understand.  I just ask you to try it out for a few days.  It doesn’t make the bad go away.  But it helps you to focus on the good instead.

Beth Anne Reed has a background in Customer Relations, Process & Project Management and a deep interest in Written Communications.

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