Interacting With the Public – As Easy As ABC

By Susan J. Anderson, CC

Two savvy businesswomen I know each shared a tip with me about how they approach a new day. Be prepared to interact with the public because you never know when a chance encounter will blossom into a great opportunity. As a job seeker, your antenna is already “up” ready to receive signals about job leads. Once you land the next job, continue these two important practices.

Tip #1: ABC – Always Bring Cards

Have business cards on your person or available in a bag you carry. If your cards are at home in a box, in your car or in a holder on your desk, the opportunity is lost. You have nothing to share with your new contact. Having a card to exchange demonstrates your professionalism, your preparedness and your knowledge about best business practices. You convey that you are an astute individual with something to offer. Connecting with me is a plus.

Tip #2: Talk with people. Maximize every opportunity.

The lady who offered this tip has a background in sales and public speaking. Her level of self-confidence is high. She is eager to strike up a conversation with people near her anytime she is waiting in line. Whether she is in a coffee shop, the grocery store or waiting to see her MD, she chooses her moment. Begin with eye contact and a smile then attempt a conversation. Should this person not want to engage, look for another individual who appears more receptive. A master at making connections from her vast network, she is always willing to add value and meet new people. Granted, this skill takes practice, but, it is effective. It definitely beats standing in line being bored and getting impatient!

Be noteworthy in any environment and be prepared.

Have you used one or both techniques to make new connections?

Susan J. Anderson, CC is a Communications Professional, Blogger, Business Writer, Copywriter and Speaker.

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