Advice from Eleanor Roosevelt

By Susan J. Anderson, CC

“Do one thing every day that scares you.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

I have thought about this quote during my job search. Personal growth and pursuing a passion can be stressful, if not scary. Mrs. Roosevelt was a courageous woman who faced the challenges of leading a very public life during the tumultuous World War II years in America. She remains the nation’s longest-serving First Lady.  She was a strong figure very much in the public eye. Traveling was easier for her than for her husband, the President. She was able to gauge the pulse of the country at her appearances and report her findings to the President. It was no simple task to keep such a rigorous schedule and put on a brave face that better days were ahead.

What scared her? She gave speeches to large audiences. How many people have a fear of public speaking? Eleanor Roosevelt overcame any fears she might have had. She found her own voice campaigning  for her husband, speaking at conventions and writing a newspaper column. Over time, she grew into her role as First Lady displaying confidence and poise in her public persona.

Perhaps “stretching beyond your every day boundaries” is better wording than doing something “that scares you”. Growth is stunted if you don’t move beyond  where you were yesterday..

During a job search, you make strides to move out of the past and gain momentum towards landing employment.

Commit to making one extra step each day. Go to a networking event and meet one new person. Take time to have a meaningful conversation. Reach out and re-connect with a long-time contact. Speak with a neighbor. Walk at a different park for a change of scenery. Read the article you haven’t picked up from the “to do later” pile.

Turn outward and share your knowledge. You may not have a job, but you aren’t out of ideas or ways to make a difference by participating in an activity of your choice.

Sometimes knowing how much power you hold in your own hands, and how you influence your destiny, is the scariest thought of the day. Be active, be positive and get noticed!

What scares you? Are you motivated to make a change?

Susan J. Anderson, CC is a Communications Professional, Blogger, Business Writer, Copywriter and Speaker.

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4 responses

  1. Reading a biography of Eleanor Roosevelt is on my to-do list, thanks for reminding me that it should move higher. She was an amazing lady.

    1. It will be an interesting read about a remarkable woman.

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  3. Susan, I missed reading this post earlier. You did a dynamite job!

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