Go to Job Networking Group Meetings

By Tim Klepaczyk

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I traded a couple of e-mails with my niece last week.  She’s a baccalaureate graduate of a really good business school.  I was saddened to learn she was recently released from the first position of her career.  Until then she had worked for a major IT company.  She did not enjoy the job, but she appreciated that is was a good career start opportunity.

I told K about this blog, and advised her to start going to job networking group meetings in her area.  She appreciated my concern and advice, but said “I just need to figure out my plan of attack first.”  K is certainly correct to prioritize the development of her personal marketing plan.  What she wasn’t hearing is that job networking meetings will help her do that, and so much more.  Job networking meetings are available at local churches and other venues throughout the country.  Networking, of course, is your most productive approach to turning up interviews and new jobs.  Many of these groups do not charge a fee, and you may even get a donut.  🙂

public domain image

public domain image

The amount of expertise in attendance at most job networking group meetings is impressive.  Note, not everyone there is out of work.  A mantra at the group I attend most often is “Your next job search starts when your current job search ends.”  Lifetime jobs are the exception.

I have found job networking group meetings to be a continuously-renewed source of valuable ideas.  A few examples are getting tips on survival jobs, learning how to improve my LinkedIn profile, and finding out about a very reasonably-priced outplacement firm.  Many also have regular presentations on topics relevant to your efforts.

Do not delay.  Start going to Job Networking Group meetings today.

Tim Klepaczyk is an RF & microwave engineer with over 20 years of experience in applications & sales and product design & validation.  He also loves writing.

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