Biometrics: Back To Our Future

by Deb Bryan

Biometrics is automated methods of recognizing an individual based on a particular personal characteristic, such as voice pattern, fingerprint, hand shape or gait. – Dr. Hossein E. (2013) Various biometrics technologies have been used in private industry and government markets since the 1970s. Today, national and local government bodies throughout the world are using or exploring the biometric technology for use in national identity cards, passport and visa control, health cards and fraud-reduction applications.  how-biometrics-will-change-21st-century-communications (9/24/2013)

All Seeing Eye - Internet

All Seeing Eye – Internet

Who would of thought?  A fruity little movie, complete with Middle Eastern terrorists, like Back to the Future (1985) was and now is a window looking into our future?   (We should all ask Steven Spielberg for the Seeing Eye he used!)

During the beginning of this job search, I felt like I was playing the part of George McFly.  I was this nerdy little female just doing my job and BAM!! the culture I lived in changed.  Now I needed to be younger, able to read body language, work with the computer while programmers are changing the software under my typing fingers at warp speed, talk (texted) everywhere through handheld devices, and send my résumé through a non-person who is judging me by my Myers Briggs personality type. Could this be happening?

I applied for internships.  Nope, that is for people who are plugged into a company’s future.  What?!  I have skill, experience, a current education, people skills, like working with new technology, and the future doesn’t include me?!  This was beginning to feel like science fiction.

Okay, okay pull it together.  We can do this!  We are from American stock and American’s have particular personality characteristics.  American’s are and were pioneers in many respects. They create things; they are research junkies; American’s have a high IQ (Image Quality) because the whole world wants to be free and America deliberately invite different people into our mix.  We might not like how we’ve been brought to this point but keep your eyes open world.

This is not a safe time, this feels raw but is a great time.  Originality might not be an American invention but it will sure look like it.  After all, ‘American Ingenuity’ is an axiom.  As we walk out of this cultural confrontation, our footprints are going to be all over this next economic age.  The goal is to live the life the way were meant to live; fully alive.

Okay, what’s next; Mr. Fusion as our gas tank?  Kitchen waste as biofuel?  And to ride in a hovercraft; DeLorean or any other kind?  The ideas abound.  This is just getting better and better.


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