What is a job search work team?  Those were my thoughts several months into my job search.  People would talk about them but not really explain why they joined, or why I should too.

Job Search Circle (JSC) had a training session about the time I decided my job search wasn’t working too well and I needed to make changes.  I contacted Shelley Reiger for information on the training session.  I am VERY glad I made that call.

Here is what I learned, and why I decided to join the JSC job search work teams.

Process to the job search.   The job search can be very long and lonely.  There will be hours spent on the computer searching the job boards, finding former co-workers on LinkedIn and just trying to figure out the best place to try to find a job.

But are these the best uses of my time?   That’s what a job search work team helps you figure out.  There is a “process” to the job search that will have you focus on the most productive ways to spend your time…and it may surprise you that the computer may not be your best friend in job search!

I was all about learning how to do the job search more effectively.  That’s the primary reason I joined!

Commitment.  The job search work team will help me stay committed to the search.  There will be anywhere from 5-10 people that “have your back”.  They can be on the lookout for interesting jobs/job boards or help you get contacts within your target companies.

Most groups will ask a few things in return.  Come to the meeting on time, or let them know you will not be there. Most people only cancel for family or job interviews.  Privacy and openness….what you discuss in the group, stays in the group.

The group becomes your support group.  I know my family and friends mean well, but they usually don’t get the new job search methods.   I know that my job search work team gets it and will help me when I need it!

Land a job faster.  It is a proven, well documented fact that people who join a job search work team will land a job faster than those that go it alone.   The group really wants you to succeed.  They work with you to overcome weak areas in your job search.  And, they help you celebrate when land.

 Idea Generator.   A  job search work team calls this the “parking lot”. The parking lot is a list of questions, comments, problems that came up during the week that I need help getting answers to.

Chances are that if I am having a problem with an issue, there are others in the group that struggle with the issue too.  The topics range from easy (“what events are coming up for networking” ),  to hard (“should I go back to school?).

Again, the group decides the topics each week.  Some of them may come up often, others may be once and done.  These discussions are meant to help the members move forward in their job search.   I have found the different perspectives within the group to be very valuable.  The group has helped me with interviewing, the best way to reach an unknown contact and examples of writing a great cover letter.

Re-enforcement.  The job search can be long and lonely.  I know that the group is there to re-enforce the strengths I have already developed and tell me that I am not my job search!   I have a lot to give any organization that hires me.  It’s a question of finding the right opportunity.  It’s just one more place I can go to for support.

While there may be many reasons to join a job search work team, these were my reasons!  Consider joining a JSC job search work team today!  Check out the website for specific days and times, or call Shelley Reiger to find a team near you.


Janet Harlow is an active member of JSC and belongs to the Arlington Heights Friday morning JSWT.   She has been a co-leader for 3 months.

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