Impending Acquisition or Merger and Your Job Security

By: Susan J. Anderson, CC – Communications Specialist


Listen to your inner voice if your senses indicate changes are coming in your workplace. The owner of a small business is regularly escorting guests through the building. In a corporate setting, multiple visitors are on site long-term in a conference room. Members of upper management exit a business.

Frequently, the next step is to gather everyone into the largest space on premise for a major announcement. A change has occurred and everyone hearing this message still has a job. Even if you were able to decipher the telltale signs, this news is alarming. There is comfort in the current routine – a familiar commute, likeable co-workers and the same cubicle. “Please, not this!”, you might think.

As a veteran of four mergers or acquisitions, I would counsel anyone in this situation to be wary and update one’s resume. Experience has made me wiser. A trend I’ve noticed is that middle management and the sales force are the first to be culled. They are replaced with individuals chosen by the new organization. Face the fact that your position could be eliminated or changed.

A decision could be made that you must re-apply for the job you have in order to stay in the organization. Should you be “re-hired”, your salary may be lower and your workload increased. The new group is spending substantial amounts of money for the business transaction just announced. Saving costs elsewhere is their objective. You don’t want the savings to be at your expense.

I would urge anyone in this position not to remain in a job with an uncertain future. Will you be employed tomorrow?

The solution is to take control of your destiny and begin your job search sooner rather than later. The winds of change are blowing through the organization. Be prepared. If your job is spared, good for you! Should you secure other employment, a fresh opportunity of your choice will be the reward for making the decision to act.

Susan J. Anderson, CC is a Communications Professional, Blogger, Business Writer, Copywriter and Speaker.

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