The Rest of Our Story

By Deb Bryan

Following the 1929 stock market crash and a severe drought that withered crops and killed farm animals, it made life on the farm exceptionally brutal through 1939.  Farmers by the scores lost their farms.  Fortunately, by being constantly frugal, Louis and Norma managed to save their farm.  This experience marked them and their children for life.  Spending money was done cautiously from then on.  The breadth of experiences we had on the farm has served us well.  We can improvise at the blink of an eye.    – Norma Jean (1975)

Following the 2007 economic downturn, companies lost the ability to support their product and employees so they asked them to leave.  Suddenly, a steady stream of people found themselves without a place to be Monday through Friday, 9 to 5.  Life became confusing and pitiless to folks of all ages, educational background, and status.  Families, communities, and cities lost their way of life.  Homes became houses that were simply liabilities, or worse, objects for those who preyed on others during bad times.  Professionals and blue collar workers struggle with subsistence living and work whatever job they can find.  And here is the rest of their story _______________.

Similarities between 1929 and now are striking.  The only thing left for each of us is to fill in the blank of our story.  So we are going to train our eyes not on what we see, but on what is yet to come as the leaders we are.  From our history books, we see this time period will not last forever.  It is only temporary.  The future is yet to be but it will be our story history books and families will write and tell about.  You and I need one strategic decision before us; not grand sweeping plans because the future is too complicated.  And then we need to work the plan.

We are Americans; the prodigy of those who came here for freedom and a chance to do something for theirs and their families lives.  People, who are still coming here just for those very same reasons, find this place amazing with opportunities that stretch before them.  Despite media bad mouthing, this is still the land of possibilities and freedoms yet to be understood by other lands.  Come on, let us who are American sons and daughters of freedom lovers light the way.



I found a penny the other day.  On it the words, “In God We Trust” was written.  Daylight’s burning.  Get your work shoes on and let’s get going.

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