Lean In to Job Search

I have not read Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In, but I have read enough about it that I feel I can safely play off of her concept for my purpose in this post today.

We deeply dislike uncertainty, we find comfort in knowing where we are, what is expected of us, and where we are going.  Job search then, is a state that we loathe for this reason alone let alone all of the other reasons.  We lean away from it, do our best to pretend that we are not in it.


The thing about avoidance, leaning out, is that it closes our minds and hearts.  We just want ‘normal life’ – a set place to go to work, money to pay our bills, etc. – to resume.  But avoidance in this state could quite possibly lead to prolonging it.  So here is where I put my own spin on the Lean In concept.

Find some means within yourself to open up, just leave some little space to the idea that you could learn and grow during this period.  Resilience is a characteristic that you want to cultivate within yourself right now.

Sure there is plenty about job search that is hard to take, but now isn’t the time to grumble about it.  If you are competitive, use that to get through one of the tasks that you find most onerous – do it better, or faster than the last time that you did it.  If you are the person who knows how things are done – read up, talk to folks in the know and get back into your preferred position of knowledge.

You’re a smart person, you get where I am going with this – I know that you do.  Make mincemeat out of this job search stage – own it.  I know that you can – and by owning it, you might not be in it quite as long.

Beth Anne Reed has a background in Customer Relations, Process & Project Management and a deep interest in Written Communications.

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2 responses

  1. Agree with your piece. “Leaning in” in this instance is about the courage to address your job search head on; it’s about using that for personal growth; and it’s about resilience. You said it very well.

    1. Thanks Cindy – I feel that addressing it head on was very helpful to me.

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