Business Cards and Pockets

Many things about the job search are difficult and challenging. On some days, they can be intimidating and make you want to take the day off. So for a day when you don’t want to take on the whole ball of wax, here is something small. Something that, yes, you can do today. To get yourself ready to move forward.

 P1010165 business card in pocket - smaller


By Cynthia Simmons

I heard a good tip: When you are going to a business meeting, have one pocket where you store your business cards, and another pocket to store the cards you receive. And maybe even practice removing your business card from your pocket and handing it to someone.  (Like a gunslinger, I wonder? Practicing a quick draw? But at any rate, you will be prepared to deliver your business card wherever it may be effective!)

Women may need to give pockets some extra thought, because we often have fewer of them.  Pockets can interrupt the smooth lines of a nice business dress. They can create bulges and wrinkles and because of that pockets are often sewn shut, for fashion’s sake.

But consider, ladies, pockets are essential in your job search. Whether employed or not, selectively or actively seeking your next employer, an immaculate cut and tight tailoring may leave you with no place to store the business cards you hope to be giving out and receiving back.

So, ladies, where will you keep your business cards? In a case inside of your purse? Could you find yourself suddenly excavating a myriad of embarrassing grooming and personal items. Perhaps you’ll find yourself living the song “Shit” by folksinger Kat Eggleston, where she lists the many lost and forgotten things now residing in her purse. (Hopefully, she exaggerates!)

Gentlemen too need to consider their pockets. Hopefully for them, it will be less cumbersome. But it is equally important.

Circuitous and frivolous language aside, consider your pockets and your business cards. This is important. Much of the process of seeking a new job is serious and difficult. Make this one thing that is easy. Be prepared and always have your business cards with you, wherever you go.

Cynthia Simmons is a writing professional with a background in publishing, non-profit marketing communications, and public relations. She received a Copyediting Certificate from the University of California (online), December 2012 and an Editing Certificate from the University of Chicago Graham School, June 2011.


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