Are You An Active Listener?

By Susan J. Anderson, CC


Maybe you think your role as a listener is to be on the receiving end of information. If you aren’t the speaker, you aren’t the main character. What I have learned is that a listener is an equal partner in any dialogue.

Sharpening your listening skills will reap many benefits. At a networking event, make a mental note to hear, and mentally register, your new acquaintance’s name. Look at the person’s name tag (if wearing one) and read the business card you just accepted. Ask questions that lead to a meaningful conversation and demonstrate your interest in what the other person has to say.  Jot a few notes so you have some facts to mention at a future meeting.

When a potential employer contacts you for a phone screening or in-person interview, your finely honed listening skills will give you the ability to provide confident answers. In your reply, your aim is to answer the question the interviewer asked. Show you are prepared, interested, engaged in the conversation and possess the excellent skills and qualifications that fit the open position. With the positive characteristic of being known as an active, attentive listener, you increase your chances of making the candidate short list at your target company and getting hired.

Susan J. Anderson, CC is a Communications Professional, Blogger, Business Writer, Copywriter and Speaker.

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