Attempt, Observe, Repeat

You will get better faster at doing the thing you want to learn if you just dive in.

by John Buckley

A quote from an old Clint Eastwood movie, Heartbreak Ridge, always stuck with me. “Improvise, adapt, overcome.” It’s an unofficial motto of the US Marine Corps. I’ve made it my motto too. “The world in three words” thing must click with me because now I’ve got another motto.

ClintHeartbreakRidge © 1986 Warner Brothers

I’m new to blogging so I’m trying to learn as much as I can to get better. In searching out experts, I found the folks at They provide tons of resources to help me move along the path. I’m reading and learning. But rather than memorizing everything they say before starting…here I am…blogging.

One article on Copyblogger that has wider application is The 3 Steps to Success at Anything by Brian Clark, the founder of Copyblogger.  In it, Brian talks about how some people try to learn everything about a skill before using it. His response: “You’ll never be truly ready, because the process doesn’t actually start until you start.”

Some people will spend tons of time and effort reading and researching but never get around to doing. Or, they’ll focus on some aspect of it they have immediate success with, and avoid the things that didn’t go so well the first time. It’s human nature. It could be fear of failure or of being embarrassed. We want to feel good about ourselves so we do what we are good at. Unfortunately, we won’t grow very much if we don’t work on the things that need work. Brian’s advice:Attempt, Observe, Repeat.”

Just give it a shot. Do your best and see what you think. Be critical but not abusive. Ask trusted friends, family and/or co-workers for constructive feedback, preferably someone who is already good at it. Then, do it again using your own and others feedback to adjust. Do, ask, do, ask, etc. Each time will get better. Soon, you will be the one others are asking for constructive feedback.

So, for good or bad, I started writing and posting here. I’m sure I’ll get better with time. Whatever it is for you: attempt, observe, repeat. Make it your motto too. Oo-Rah!

Please leave a comment and/or constructive feedback below.

John Buckley is a senior sales and marketing professional with experience in lead generation,  business development, account management, sales training and support and customer service in technology related businesses and services.


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