Job Search Attitude

Attitude involves the way you think and feel and how you portray yourself to others. A positive attitude is especially important during your job search process – in the search, at home and in the world.

Picture I took at a Chicago Navy Pier garden show several years ago.

Picture I took at a Chicago garden show several years ago.

Do you have a positive attitude? Employers look for a positive attitude to assess whether you may be a good fit for their job. In the end, your attitude shows a prospective employer that you’re a fit, or not.

Yet many of us spend much less time perfecting our attitude than honing and displaying our perfect job search techniques. I know. I’m in human resources, and I’m also searching for a job.

How can you get to a positive attitude? Remember that the job search process is a curve, and that it too shall pass. You will get the job you want. You will maintain your career even if there are detours. You may even change your career direction. And it’s all OK.

For me, the key to maintaining my positive attitude is to recall significant people, places and events and how they shaped my life. Then I try to act and “be” from the inspiration I feel. Thinking about these moments fuels me, including in job search.

What inspires you? I am inspired by people who have pushed through obstacles and persevere to focus on their dreams, e.g., Martin Luther King (that led to my diversity career), or my job search work team (my partners in job search accountability).

One of those special people in my life was a good friend who persevered through several bouts of breast cancer. She wanted to be well so that she could care for her family, and to just have more fun moments in her life. She ended her life’s journey a few years ago, but she continues to inspire me. She made the most of life’s small victories each day.

Sometimes my friend enjoyed just being silly even when she didn’t feel well. She taught me to look for yellow cars (or yellow anything) while you’re driving. Now, whenever I see a yellow car on the road, and yellow sunflowers, it’s as if my friend is there with me, laughing at life, and making me laugh, too. Since starting, I play this game with others. It’s a touchstone.

I am also inspired by people who attain their life goals. Recently, Diana Nyad, a 64-year old long -distance swimmer, successfully swam from Cuba to Florida after five attempts. This 103-mile journey was a goal she pursued on and off for 35 years. She said this was going to be her last attempt, and that it’s never too late to chase your dream. She made it this time. How inspiring!

Those of us in job search need to tap into whatever inspires us. Then set job search goals. That’s how we convey our value.

Cynthia Sutherland is a senior human resources professional, focusing primarily on diversity and inclusion and work-life.

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  1. Have you ever thought of working online? You already have a blog set-up which puts you a step ahead of many who are earning an income online.

    1. Kristin: Thank you for your comment. Via this blog site, I’m learning how to blog; this is my first venture. What fun! I’m working on my next post for this coming Monday. Regards, Cindy

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