You Ought To Be On…LinkedIn!

By: Susan J. Anderson, CC – Communications Specialist


Part I

Being a job seeker in 2013 differs from career changes or employment searches of the past. Job seekers should be visible and having an online professional profile is a must. This was my introduction to using LinkedIn.

I attended a free, 2-part workshop at a local job center in northern Illinois and learned the basics. Everyone in the group was encouraged to enter as much relevant information as possible and always present your true, authentic self. A robust profile offers the best snapshot of your education, skills and professional background.

Potential employers, previous employers, colleagues and friends will be in a better position to find you or assist in your job search when you provide clear information. Good facts in your work history will give details about what you do, and what opportunities would be suitable, in your field. Most contacts are eager to offer help when you provide specifics on what type of employment you are seeking. Enter information about prior responsibilities and successes, give and receive recommendations with other LinkedIn members in your network, join groups plus list educational awards and certifications. Contacts will get to know you better. Connections have the potential to develop into stronger business relationships that could lead to a job. People I’ve spoken with in person, and subsequently made a LinkedIn connection, have commented after reading my profile, “I didn’t know that about you!” The profile reinforces the first impression. It is available online whenever the reader is ready to learn more.

Each weekday, I check my profile. I make certain I answer InMail messages, accept or send invitations to connect as well as view statistics about how many times my profile has been seen. The section titled “People Also Viewed”, presenting names and photos, interests me, too. How do I rate in the vast talent pool out there? I want to know!


To be continued: September 11, 2013


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