What I Didn’t Expect in Job Search

By Beth Anne Reed

I liked to troll through Yahoo periodically to read the latest advice to job seekers as a hiring manager.  It gave me the opportunity to check and see if candidates that came in for my open positions where up on the latest trends.  I needed folks who could think on their feet and adapt to change, so this was a pretty good barometer.  People who didn’t know that an objective on a resume has been tres passé for some time were going on the no pile.

But finding myself in job search this year, I was amazed to discover that there is a huge industry built around the job seeker, we are a class of consumer (and a lucrative one at that).  And let me further just mention, caveat emptor (buyer beware) really applies here.  We are seen as rather an easy mark by a good sized chunk of the providers in this market.  The thing is that much of the services and products offered are also available for no cost through wonderful job search groups run by churches and other organizations.  And of course, books at your local library.

Medieval scene of workers (public domain image)

Medieval scene of workers (public domain image)

The job market has changed considerably since the last time that I found myself in this space in 1999, luckily so have I.  Where it has gotten much more uncertain, I have become more certain.  Where I might be a bit thin, I have found allies to assist me in my quest and I can return the favor.

I might be in the job seeker class of consumers, but I will treat this status just as I treat my overall consumer status – on my own terms.  I’m going to make you work for any of my dollars or cents – wow me with your sense.

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